FX0011 Felix Rey Purple Sequin Clutch
FX0011 Felix Rey Purple Sequin ClutchFX0011 Felix Rey Inside

Felix Rey Purple Sequin Clutch


Status: Available for rental, lease to own or buy out.

Condition: Excellent inside and out

Sexy. That’s the perfect one word description of this clutch. A sparkling evening bag. Felix Rey is the up and coming head of fashion. They only make limited additions, so any of their purses are a hot commodity. Available at Bloomingdales online, these purses fetch a pretty penny. Lucky for you, the Grover Beach trading Company has a few for prices you can’t beat. So if you want to rock one of these glamourous girls, we can hook you up with style and class.

Rental price: $10 per week, $30 per month

Buy out: $50

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