JC0010 Juicy Pink Puffy Cheetah

Juicy Pink Puffy Cheetah Print Daydreamer


Juicy Pink Puffy Cheetah Print Daydreamer

Status: Available for rental, lease-to-own and buy-out

Condition: Excellent inside and out.

Description: Stunning and Rare. This purse is a perfect any time occasion or for daily use. Juicy Couture is a very popular California based company that was established in 1997. They soon grew into one of the most sought out and popular purse companies. Madonna was one of the first celebrities to catch the trend. They then became very popular with other celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson, just to name a few. We have many Juicy purses available. Hope to see you soon, they are waiting for their new home.

Rental Price: $20 per week, $60 per month.

Buyout Price: $85

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